AVR Machines

Holland Agri Machinery BV is importer & distributor for the entire range of AVR Roeselare Belgium AVR Veendam The Netherlands products in the Middle East Region .

Holland Agri Machinery BV can deliver the full line of AVR potato equipment like planters , ridgers , harvesters , grading and packing machines , several turnkey project have been done .

For all the available machines , turnkey projects and availability you contact Holland Agri Machinery BV .

AVR’s aim is : 

Producing robust , secure high-capacity harvesters that are able to deliver potatoes of excellent quality the High-End machines .
The ‘total cost of ownership’ has to be as low as possible : quality, capacity and service are the key words here .
AVR’s specialisations consist of harvesting potatoes on the one hand and soil cultivation before and after the planting of potatoes on the other hand .

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