Who We Are

Kees de Witte, CEO of the organization, is working for about 35 years in the agricultural business. Several years as salesman for some machine producers and also 10 year as vegetable grower .

Grown up close to he world capital of potatoes, Emmeloord, and still living in the neighborhood of this World Potato Capital . In 2009 he started to do business in the Middle East region . The kind of business is in first case potato related . From seed potatoes to potato handling machines . Now a days he is also offering complete factories for processing potatoes .

Jeroen de Witte, salesman of the Holland Agri Machinery BV, is also grown up in the Noord Oost Polder, besides the potato fields . Done first some work, at a dealer for agricultural machines, now responsible for a part of the sales at Holland Agri Machinery BV . Due to his work with as a logistic manager, he is responsible for all the logistic paperwork at Holland Agri Machinery BV .

He is also responsible for the a new part of business at Holland Agri Machinery BV, this part is the sales of welding robots, is starting up in the Middle East region . Within short time, the first machine will start working .

Henk Korpershoek, logistic partner for Holland Agri Machinery BV . Henk is organizing the transport, all the papers, needed for doing the export of the business Holland Agri Machinery BV is doing in the world . He also arrange all the transport in the Netherlands for picking up the seed potatoes, in reefer containers . He also contact you as client from Holland Agri Machinery BV when the loads have left Holland and will arrive in your country .